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Would you like to design your competitive position purposefully? Promote sales? Build a new business idea on secure data? - ma-ko Research helps you to make correct, fast and sustainable decisions by taking comprehensive market Information into account.

Ma-Ko Research :: Dr. Ulrike Berndt


I started with ma-ko Research in 2013. My name is Ulrike Berndt, I was born near Dresden and work as Market Research Manager and Business Analyst. I am a trained generalist, passionate researcher and controller. I am interested in contexts and situations in which complex facts must be explored and simplified. That makes me happy, that challenges me. I would be happy to support your project by working with market information and data: structuring, reducing, analysing and vizualize. I deliver individual, high-quality decision-making aids.

It is important for me to keep on learning: Before ma-ko, I lived as an au pair in Denver, Colorado, which is called "the mile high city". I loved the blue sky almost every day and the great view of the Rocky Mountains. That was a good time. I learned how business works with family, and how to be a passionate marketer. Back in Germany, I completed a degree program in nutritional economics at the JLU Gießen, which included specialized training in market research and data science. Then, as part of my doctorate, I worked intensively on controlling in hospitals. I got experience as research assistant, controlling manager in a project and controlling manager of the University Hospital Dresden. I am a regional manager, too, since I have done a need analysis with expert surveys as primary market research approach.

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ma-ko Research is an independent specialist for market and competition analysis. Daily routine includes:

  • Data and information on market (ma) and competition (ko, for german word „Konkurrenz“),  designing market and competition analyzes
  • available information sources, methods and technologies for market research and analysis (statistics, survey methods, IT systems, business analytics)
  • available technologies for decision makers (IT systems, business intelligence)

Independent market research on an extremly individual and high quality level for decision makers needs some principles for success. ma-ko´s principles are:

Industry Focus (by education, added to automation because of it´s growing importance):

  • Life sciences and food technology
  • Health care and MedTech
  • Renewable energies and environmental Technology


  • comparisons, e.g. company, product, key figures
  • overviews, e.g. supplier, competition, SWOT, dashboard
  • profiles e.g. company profile according to your specification
  • data collections, e.g. prepared, clean data for integration in CRM / IT (Data Mining)


  • desk research
  • networked thinking
  • qualitative market research and evaluations, quantitave in the way of key figure comparison
  • Using a self-developed database structure, simple visualization possible
  • programming, if required, for individual presentations
  • consistent result orientation, agile development
  • orientation on to CRISP-DM process by business informatics
  • only as scientific as necessary - but as scientific as possible
  • recommendation of appropriate materials and services, if more appropriate
  • using a wide range of databases and information services, including science and research-based
  • use of certain technologies
  • use of network support, if necessary
  • in case of business area „market analysis“ (see below): team/company membership

ma-ko´s services are made to suit different business areas. I would be glad if you worked in one of these and we could get to know each other pretty soon. By clicking on the following symbols, you will learn more about the individual services.

  • ITMarket analysis
  • Vertriebma-ko2Go
  • AnträgePatent research
  • FinanzierungTraining

Market analysis

For companies in strategy consulting, business consulting and corporate finance, I offer active support in market and competition analysis. I see two design possibilities for a good cooperation:

  • As an external service provider, ma-ko Research undertakes limited tasks to a limited extent.
  • As a member of your company, I contribute my special know-how exclusively to your company on a project-specific and temporary basis.

Collaboration requires uniform terminology. The work of ma-ko is based on the following understanding:

  • Market analysis is an overall view of the environment, industry and competition at a given time based on past values. An industry analysis takes a closer look at the static aspect "sector structure" and the temporal aspect "industry behavior".
  • A market flow analysis focuses on time sequences and changes. Market forecasts are created by updating past values into the future. Prerequisite are quantitative and complete, adjusted data sets.
  • A competitive analysis is a combination of industry and market analysis. It confines itself to the particular industry to which the company belongs and analyzes the behavior and changes in the industry relative to the company.

The area of market research is changing very fast, more and more real-time data are available. New technologies allow to shift our interest, perspective and analytical approach:

  • Previous focus: business intelligence as an explanatory approach based on past values, parallel to statistics
  • Future focus: data science as an exploratory approach with the aim of recognizing correlations (data mining), anticipating developments (predictive analytics) as well as understanding social context and meaning (semantic analysis)

So far, the main focus is on structured data, standard reporting and dashboards. In the future, too, or especially in market research, we will have to deal with many quantitative, unstructured data. Data analysis and forecasting are becoming increasingly important, as well as the need for specialists to take on these tasks with the new technologies. As a Business Analyst, I actively design the interface to Data Science. Gladly for you!

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ma-ko Research has developed a new way of market research: ma-ko2Go is an uncomplicated methology and fits perfectly to businesses with a small budget.

What is it about?

  • Your request may be demanding and your quality standards high.
  • I do not advise, but I deliver results regularly. After 2 weeks at the latest, we will discuss the interim result and see what happens next. My work integrates well into the counseling process. Of course, I will gladly give you a recommendation, suggestion, advice as needed.
  • We can start easily. Especially if you do not know exactly what the path or the result should look like. Mostly the first step is a (company) overview.
  • In small steps we approach the target. You can always stop or disembark on the road if the result is sufficient for you or your priorities have changed. First, we work with information and data available free of charge. The gaps can later be exchanged for paid services e.g. trade registers, industry-specific data providers are filled - if necessary. Appropriate purchase or registration is only in agreement with you.
  • I work independently with my own database. The collected information and data are ready for you, the publication to you is free of charge. Billing takes place at the end of the month on an hourly basis. You can ask me without obligation for the hourly rate and experience.
  • My overviews are limited to the essentials and are based on your specifications. You can flexibly adapt the amount of effort (for example, whether in keywords or only complete sentences, which language, layout text language, etc.)
  • Special cases: data processing in the context of data mining, dashboard adaptation in CRM and controlling-related data collections with MS XLS

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Patent research

For technology-oriented companies, ma-ko Research offers patent research, patent monitoring, and other business development support.

The protection of intellectual property is an important, but still much underestimated matter. In the field of high-performance technologies and related scientific research, research on IPR information is well established. Start-ups are also supported as part of the start-up consultancy for the protection of intellectual property rights. Other companies are not yet sufficiently exploiting the opportunity that intellectual property rights have as strategic assets (1).

Companies should develop a strategy early on how they want to deal with intellectual property rights. Sooner or later, the topic becomes current for every company (2). Far ahead of product development, it is important to find out about the status of the industrial property rights for a product or knowledge. Later, when patents exist, it is advisable to continue to monitor competitors' patent activities.

I collect information on industrial property rights by default for company profiles and competitive analyzes with the DEPATISnet database and on the extensive holdings of the Saxon State and University Library (SLUB).

For comprehensive patent searches, I will include other patent databases and possibly the Patent Information Center. I take not only name and company searches but also further evaluations. This can e.g. patent overviews, patent families - depending on your needs.


(1) Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (2019),

(2) Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (2019),

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Market analysis training

I have created a training concept for employees in companies who are responsible for developing a full market and competition analysis. It will help you to enjoy your work even more. I want to get my passion for designing an analysis and the structured handling of market information and data transferred to you. My visit will last two hours. Package price includes needs-based solutions and information both immediately and after the event, research matrix on demand, toolbox check and much more.

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For more than five years, I have been working with ma-ko Research in a committed, discreet and flexible manner to support a wide variety of companies. I often participate in projects of consultants as a coworking partner.

Household services


tax consultant

performance areas: Icon - Bereich VertriebIcon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:Infobroking, official statistics, internet research, line of argumentation
  • Services
  • advice

Small wind turbines


Investment company

performance areas: Icon - Bereich ITIcon - Bereich Vertrieb
benefits:Infobroking, quantitative company comparisons, qualitative comparative company profiles, structured raw data for import in CRM
  • mechanical and electrical engineering
  • renewable energies

Various projects


SCS Solutions (partner), a Dutch Company with a wide-spread international network, has been active in the trading of resins and other raw materials for decades

performance areas: Icon - Bereich VertriebIcon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:company comparisons, quantitative company profiles
  • trade
  • raw materials

Mixing technology


Investment company, need to know market potential of a mixing Technology within due dilligence

performance areas: Icon - Bereich VertriebIcon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:market potential analysis, patent research, company profiles, info broking
  • mechanical engineering
  • process techn.
  • food & beverage
  • filling industry

Renewable resources from EMEA


Consultant, for establish. int. commercial business

performance areas: Icon - Bereich VertriebIcon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:company profiles, quantitative, qualitativ, information about environment and potential for trade of wool and castor oil
  • manufacturing
  • trade
  • agribusiness

Smart home - ambient assisted living (AAL)


medium-sized-Company from Saxony with Need for follow-up Financing, whose financial advisor needs an market  overview

performance areas: Icon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:environment, sector and competitor analysis, recommendations
  • electrical engineering
  • automation technology
  • building automation
  • leasing
  • senior citizens

Motion control


Consultant, with need for a qick and vulnerable market overview, financing a start-up

performance areas: Icon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:environment and competition at a glance, product comparisons, info broking
  • electrical engineering
  • automation technology

Self storage


Consultant, with need for short term support, update market information in a presentation for potential investor

performance areas: Icon - Bereich Finanzierung
benefits:competition analysis, qualitative company profiles, financial key figures
  • rental / lease
  • warehouse


Market research is a sensitive area. Your request will be handled discreetly by me. You can call me on +49 // 1 7 1 // 7 3 0 7 0 7 9 or send me an email to You are also welcome to use social media (Xing, LinkedIn) or the contact form below.

Fr. Dr. Ulrike Berndt

Data Library

Welcome to my data library! Here I give you regular insights into my work and provide you with selected materials. These are never documents that customers have received. A work sample is published in consultation with the costumer. Are you interested in a special topic? Then just get in contact with me.

Lack- und Druckfarbenhersteller

Einen Kunden interessierte, wie viele Lack- und Druckfarbenhersteller es in Deutschland gibt und was sie machen. Aus einer Vielzahl von Unternehmen wurde anhand bestimmter Kriterien eine Auswahl getroffen. Die Kriterien zur Darstellung in den vergleichenden Firmenprofilen wurden in Absprache mit dem Kunden ermittelt (qualitative Darstellung).
Hier finden Sie die Übersicht aller Hersteller in Deutschland anhand finanzwirtschaftlicher Kennzahlen (quantitative Darstellung).

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